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Turn Milk into Plastic!

Turn Milk into Plastic!
Turn Milk into Plastic!

Turn milk into plastic with vinegar

And best of all – you only need to add vinegar!

Good news friends, I have worked out all the kinks, done this science experiment more than a few times (it’s that awesome), and have all the details just for you!

You can turn plastic into milk in literally minutes with only milk and vinegar – and it is awesome.

First of all, take 1 cup of milk and warm it in the microwave for about 1.5 minutes (you want it hot, but not boiling)

Next, stir in 4 tablespoons of vinegar.

turn milk into plastic with vinegar

The milk will start to clump as the acid in the vinegar breaks down the protein in the milk. Stir for about 1 minute

Turn milk into plastic!

Then, strain the milk through a strainer. All the clumps will stay in the strainer and really push on them to get all the liquid out.

turn milk into plastic

Finally, transfer it to some paper towels and continue to press all the liquid out of the plastic milk. You can then shape it and colour it if you wish.

turn milk into plastic

We used a cookie cutter and then added a few drops of food colouring (sometimes we left it white too).

We set them aside to dry for a good long while – about 2 nights – and then they were ready! Hard as could be and ready to be hung up in a window, on a door, or used to decorate a Christmas tree! (You know, if it wasn’t March)

Turn milk into plastic with only vinegar

My kids just loved this science experiment, I hope yours will too!

I hope you have a lovely week friends, thank you for reading.

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