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Science Notebook Photos- Weather and the Water Cycle

Science Notebook Photos- Weather and the Water Cycle
Science Notebook Photos- Weather and the Water Cycle

Weather and Water Cycle Notebook Photos

I’m continuing with the New Notebook Blog Series to help make you make your interactive notebooks as great as possible! This post is about the water cycle and weather and climate.

Output Note: My examples don’t include Output because at this point in the year students are choosing their own output while I walk around and meet with students.


Diagram from All in One Notebook and Cloze from Earth and Space Printables

The activity on the left has students review and identify the processes in the water cycle. The activity on the right is a Cloze activity that requires students to use the new vocabulary.


Fold-up from All in One Notebook

The activity on the left is really fun! Students go through a simulation through the water cycle with different cubes around the room (pictured below and free here). They record where they go and what caused that process. This sparks a great discussion of cause and effect for the water cycle processes. Some great conversations come from this. Then, students write a story about their trip through the water cycle. The fold-up on the right goes over basic weather tools, the next activity.


Oceans and Sun Fold-up from Oceans Unit

Added in: The activity above is a great reflection or output for the water cycle simulation. Lots of students will find that they stay at the ocean cube for several terms. You can talk about how much water is in the ocean and the interaction between the sun and ocean in the water cycle (TEKS 5.8B for you Texans!).


Venn Diagram Fold-up from All in One Notebook

On the left students continue learning about weather forecasting by looking up the weather in another place and recording important information about precipitation, wind speed, humidity, storms, air pressure, and temperature. On the right, students learn the differences and similarities between weather and climate.


Weather vs. Climate from Earth and Space Printables and Climate Zones from Winter Unit

Students can practice describing statements as referring to weather and climate using the printable on the left. The climate zones map for the United States is a lot of fun, but it does take some time. Students color the climate zones found in the United States and describe their various climates.

I hope this post was super helpful. I’m enjoy sharing my science notebook photos with you and hope you like them too! My next New Notebook Series post will be for space… that’s a big post so be on the look-out!

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Weather and Climate science notebook photos

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Original article and pictures take http://thesciencepenguin.com/2015/01/water-cycle-weather.html site

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