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Materials and their properties - Key Stage 1

Materials and their properties - Key Stage 1
Materials and their properties - Key Stage 1


Try gently banging wooden, plastic and metal items on a flat surface, how does the noise differ between each? Can you use this property to categorise the objects?

Test objects to see if they’re magnetic, you could even make a magnet maze.

Can you sort a group of toys into metal, plastic, wood and fabric?

Practice squashing, stretching and pulling different materials to change their shape. Try play dough, fabric, paper, soft balls. Do they break? Do they go back to their original shape?

Changing Materials

Learn about how heat changes chocolate by making rice krispie cakes or chocolate leaves.

Find out what happens to ice when it melts, you could even make some slushy drinks.

Investigating ice

Trying freezing different food materials, water, syrup, bread, milk etc. Do some take longer to freeze/defrost than others?

Melt sugar and make honeycomb.

Transform cream into butter.

Properties of materials

Investigate which materials make the best hockey puck.

investigating materials

Investigate what’s the best material for a superhero cape or a fairy wand?

Can you make a superhero float?

superhero science

Make your own marshmallow Olaf and test which substance sticks him together the best.

Design and build a cardboard kitchen.

Cardboard kitchen

Discover how materials can be weak in some circumstances, but very strong in others.


Learn about the different poles of a magnet with these easy sugru cars.


Or, make your own magnet maze to test different materials.

Which is the most waterproof?

Find out which natural materials make the most waterproof roof for a lego house.

lego house

Submerge soft toys underwater wrapped in different materials to see which is the most waterproof.

Find out which materials make the best boat.


Explore which materials work best at muffling sounds you could even make a guitar and try to muffle the sound of that.

Materials and their properties

Suitable for Key Stage 1 – Materials and their Properties

Can you think of anything we’ve missed?


Original article and pictures take http://www.science-sparks.com/2015/02/25/ideas-learning-materials-properties/#_a5y_p=5633816 site

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