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How to DIY Your Own Sugar Scrub

How to DIY Your Own Sugar Scrub
How to DIY Your Own Sugar Scrub

Sugar may not be good for you when you eat it, but it’s definitely great for your skin. Sugar scrub is a fantastic exfoliation method, and personally, living here in Utah with a very dry climate, it’s a MUST for my skin needs. It needs to both moisturize and scrub away dead skin cells-and to be completely honest, it has to smell amazing at the same time or I want no part of it.

When Kristina and I got together to make our handmade bath salts last Christmas as gifts, it occurred to us that some of our friends didn’t have bathtubs-so giving them bath salts would be kind of a crappy gift. That’s when the idea of putting together a sugar scrub came to life and it was almost as easy and inexpensive as the bath salts.

What You’ll Need to Make Sugar Scrub

Sugar (white or brown)

Base Oil (I prefer coconut, but Olive or Almond are also great)

Essential Oil (make sure it’s not just a scented oil-it needs to be essential so it’s safe for skin and not chemical)

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