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 STEM Activities for Kids 25 Screen Free Ideas

 STEM Activities for Kids 25 Screen Free Ideas
 STEM Activities for Kids 25 Screen Free Ideas

25 STEM activities for kids

Here are quite a few of our fun activities as well as some super cool ideas I hope to try with my son this year! They are all created by awesome bloggers! These STEM activities will keep the kids busy on vacations, weekends and those days when you just need to do a little something different! If the kids are bored, STEM activities will inspire them!

Kids Kitchen Cupboard Science Kit

Make a shopping list, head to the grocery store and come home with all the ingredients needed to try some great science experiments. I bet you already have much of what you need already.

kids science kit packed into carry tote

Check out some fun new ideas for summer STEM!

Click on photos!

Cardboard Box Rocket Ship How To Make a Cardboard Box Rocket Ship

Homemade Water Wall for Kids

Pool Noodle Structures Building with Toothpicks Summer Engineering

Simple Kaleidoscope for Kids

Gumdrop building or candy stem

Leftover candy makes for great science and a good way to use some of it up!

Made with Code Program

We stumbled upon this before Christmas and had a lot of fun trying it out! Must check it out!

Sandbox {or build one out of snow} Volcano

This is definitely our coolest volcano ever! Make it in the sandbox or if you have snow, make it out of a mountain of snow! Either way it’s tons of fun and a delight for kids and adults.

A couple inexpensive materials and you have a neat outdoor play idea

MUST TRY! We make slime all the time for quick play. This stuff is so cool and easy to make.

Best Slime Recipe Ever 5 Minute Slime 3 Ingredient Slime

One bar of soap and a very cool science experiment!

Simple STEM ideas with cardboard, play dough and straws, cups and more!

Try ordinary materials to create new play ideas. These are Christmas themed but can be adapted for any time of the year.

Ice melt: Space men play!

If you haven’t used a milk carton to make an ice block, you have to try it! Grab some lego men, imaginext guys, super heroes, or whatever and freeze them for an icy excavation.

Baking Soda Science

Baking soda science is pretty cool and only uses two common household ingredients. Check out our 10 Unique Baking Soda Science experiments for Summer.

12 Sensory Play Recipes

Looking for homemade sensory bins and sensory play recipes, these are perfect and straight out of the kitchen!

Geo board

A board, some nails and plenty of rubber bands. A few dollars for a cool STEM toy.

These are so easy to make and perfect for a bag of marshmallows!

Easy Homemade Bubbles

3 ingredients and the coolest bubbles ever!

Rain Gutter Races

Test gravity, explore different weights and shapes with rain gutter races. Gather your cars, balls, plastic eggs and play with ramps, angles and friction! Pick up a rain gutter at the hardware store and cut it in half, so easy and low cost!

egg races ramps one very low angle

Lego and building Challenges

Check out our 20+ Lego building ideas including a marble run, zip line, parachute, hex bug habitat and much more.

Measure the rooms in the house!

Sometimes you need something simple and easy but involves a little movement, problem solving, but no real set up of materials. Show your children how to measure large areas by using a variety of measurement tools. Remember, it has to be the same tool used for the whole room. The kids can use themselves to measure the room, or a shoe, or even a block! show them how to place it end to end, mark the spot and repeat all the way to the other side. How many body, shoe or block lengths does it take!

Make the Perfect Egg Drop | Lemon Lime Adventures

Grab a carton of eggs and read all about it!

Sweet and easy idea for feeding our feathery friends. Turn it into a nature study by observing the birds that stop by.

popsicle stick bombs {and other cool popsicle stick play ideas} | Frugal Fun For Boys

Simple and easy. My son was entertained all morning with these.

Balloon rockets |The Joys of Boys

We love balloons!

Simple Machines { pulley system} | Kids Activities Blog

Building simple machines is an awesome STEM activity!

Science for Kids Hanger Balance | Kids Activities Blog

Another great engineering and math activity!

2 options! One for younger child and one for a bit older child! I think my son would enjoy both though! Easy to pull together.

Make your own play snow indoors! | Mama OT

Super fun and who doesn’t want to play with the secret ingredient!

25 STEM Activities Kids Vacation Play Ideas

We hope you find some great ideas for your vacation play! Frugal fun all week long.

STEM activities are awesome ways for kids to learn, explore, discover, create, and play!

Around the house STEM activities for school vacation.

Please follow along with us in the New Year!

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More fun vacation ideas! Click photos for full articles.

Preschool Science Experiments and Preschool Science Activities

25 Classic Science Experiments

Some of our favorite STEM tools at home! Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: I receive compensation for any items sold through this site. Our ideas are always free to enjoy and try at school or home.

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