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Why Essential Oils Are ESSENTIAL For Your Health And Happiness - Ancestral Nutrition

Why Essential Oils Are ESSENTIAL For Your Health And Happiness - Ancestral Nutrition
Why Essential Oils Are ESSENTIAL For Your Health And Happiness - Ancestral Nutrition


I think we can all agree that our current medical system is flawed. People are handed prescriptions instead of actually fixing their problems. I can’t tell you how many prescription drugs I’ve been prescribed, everything from Accutane to Xanax. I wish I had known that essential oils were not only more effective, but safer. 100 people die everyday in the US from prescription drug overdose, but what if these people were instead introduced to a healthy diet and essential oils? Can you imagine how many lives would not only be saved, but would be drastically improved?

We need to start fostering the power of plants instead of toxic, dangerous prescription drugs. In the New York Times, neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta said,

According to a 1999 report by the Institute of Medicine, as many as 98,000 Americans were dying every year because of medical mistakes. Today, exact figures are hard to come by because states don’t abide by the same reporting guidelines…But a reasonable estimate is that medical mistakes now kill around 200,000 Americans every year. That would make them one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Why have these mistakes been so hard to prevent?

Dr. Gupta includes prescription drugs in these medical mistakes and goes on to discuss the case of a patient with a respiratory infection that came close to death,

At my first M and M as a medical student, I heard the story of a patient who had received antibiotics for an upper respiratory tract infection. Two weeks later she developed joint pain and blisters on her chest and arms, a condition known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome, which can be caused by an allergic reaction to antibiotics. She ended up with sepsis, a bodywide infection, and spent two weeks in intensive care.

While we could write this off and assume that the chances of these medical maladies are one in a million, or that they are uncommon mistakes, or that they could never happen to us or anyone we know and love, let me remind you that the estimated figure for medical mistakes is upward of 200,000 which would make medical mistakes one of the leading causes of death.

Hell, even the flu shot has killed people.

My question is this: what if these people, people like me and you who don’t have life threatening

health issues, were instead taking safer, more effective alternative therapies? What if they were even combined with traditional therapies? I’m not saying to abandon your doctor and his/her advice, I’m simply suggesting that we take some responsibility for our own health. That we explore safer and healthier options before running out for a prescription.

What would happen if our first resort was diet and potent, plant based natural remedies?

What if instead of Xanax, people first tried Balance, which is a blend of oils that is designed to promote relaxation. What if instead of painkillers for a sore back, people tried Deep Blue, a mix of oils designed to relax muscles. What if instead of of sleeping pills people tried Serenity, a blend of oils that promote sleep and relaxation when applied to the bottom of feet at bedtime?

How much easier, healthier, and happier would lives be?


Here is a partial list of ailments and the corresponding essential oils (you can learn more about essential oils and where to order them HERE).

Anxious Feelings Balance, Lavender, Serenity, Citrus Bliss, PastTense, Eucalyptus
Sadness Balance, Lavender, Serenity, Citrus Bliss, Elevation
Restlessness Serenity
Respiratory Issues Breather
Blemishes Clear Skin Topical Blend, Melalecua (Tea Tree)
Sore Muscles & Joints AromaTouch, Deep Blue, Basil Oil
Digestive Upset, Heartburn DigestZen, Coriander Oil, Fennel Oil
Anti-Aging Immortelle
Immune Support On Guard
Head & Neck Tension/Pain PastTense, Deep Blue
Bug Spray TerraShield
PMS, Menopause, Hormones ClaryCalm
Detox Zendocrine
Inability to Focus InTune
Cold Sores Lemon Oil
Weight Loss Slim & Sassy

What if we used these oils instead of toxic medications? What if instead of getting stressed out and having a panic attack, we diffused an oil that is designed to promote relaxation? What if instead of dangerous weight loss drugs, we tried an all natural supplement and healthy diet?

Can you imagine how much healthier and HAPPIER people would be?

There’s a reason cancer has surpassed heart disease as the #1 killer, and part of that reason is toxins we are exposed to everyday. Essential oils can be used in place of toxic cleaners, toxic bug spray, toxic medications, toxic supplements and so much more. Don’t let yourself or your family become victims of preventable diseases. Find out more about essential oils and how to order them HERE.





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