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Water Drop Maze - Teach Beside Me

Water Drop Maze - Teach Beside Me
Water Drop Maze - Teach Beside Me

Water Drop Maze- fast, easy, fun game for kids

This maze is so easy to make and my kids had lots of fun with it!

How To Make the Water Drop Maze:

Draw a simple maze on a sheet of card stock paper. I used a ruler, to make the lines straight.

Water Drop Maze from Teach Beside Me

Once you have the lines drawn, laminate the paper. If you don’t have a as well.

To make a tricky challenge, you can hole punch a few holes on it. Once it’s laminated it is harder to hole punch. You have to bend the paper.

Make a Water Drop Maze- Fun game for kids

Mix some food coloring into a little bit of water. Using an

My kids want me to make a couple more so we can have some water drop maze races!

This is a great sensory play activity for kids! It is also a fun way to learn about the properties of water!

Check out the eyedropper fill the dot activity!

Original article and pictures take http://teachbesideme.com/water-drop-maze/ site

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