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Tornado Bottle Weather Science Activity for Kids

Tornado Bottle Weather Science Activity for Kids
Tornado Bottle Weather Science Activity for Kids

Tornado Bottle Weather Science Experiment For Kids

Simple Tornado Bottle Weather Science

My son actually enjoys checking out the weather and the temperature everyday! We had recently checked out Otis And The Tornado from the library and he inquired about the tornado bottle we had previously made. I wanted to make a quick one and noted a few simple bottle with just soap and water!

Supplies Needed:


Dish Soap

Tall Narrow Plastic Bottle (like a VOS water bottle)

Tornado bottle hands on science


Simply fill bottle and squirt in a small amount of dish soap. Cover tightly. Give a good shake with a roll of the wrist and watch! Please note tip and tricks below!

Tips And Tricks

To be honest this was not very easy at first. I tried a glass mason jar with dawn dish soap (concentrated) and seventh generation organic dish soap (non-concentrated). Neither worked and the mason jar was to difficult to maneuver. Some suggested swirling with a knife, no-go! I grabbed a VOS water bottle, plastic, tall and narrow. Still had some trouble with the dawn. I emptied and refilled with water and a little squirt of non-concentrated dish soap. Give a good shake and roll of the wrist and you get a tornado! Note: I tried adding glitter as some ideas suggested but it made it challenging to get a good one going. I can produce a great little tornado almost all the time.

Talking About Weather Science

We spent some time reading our books and checking out videos on tornados! My son loves to watch and listen, so we have been incorporating you tube videos into our lessons to enhance his understanding of what we are learning. Check out here for more information for kids on tornados. Sticking with preschool science, we talked about the funnel cloud that forms, the fast moving swirling clouds, the hail and thunder and lighting. We touched briefly on the idea that warm, moist, cool air, and changing winds form the storms that potentially cause tornados. He was mostly interested in what people do during a storm and what happens to the trees and buildings. Simple things.

Why not make a rain cloud too!

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