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Tips For The Perfect Nails

Tips For The Perfect Nails
Tips For The Perfect Nails

Its difficult finding information on this so here are my conclusions based on my research and my wife's experience with white iodine.

- Retail price for white iodine is usually about $3.50 per bottle, but I found it for under $2. Caution, i found some local pharmacies like walgreens and CVS selling it for as much as $6 per 1 oz. bottle!

- It can be nearly impossible to find in some states and countries. Thats where online shopping comes in handy. I found mine at www.AlivioVital.com

- It is medically safe to use & body will not absorb dangerous amounts

- White iodine is a clear iodide and is also known as decolorized iodine, colorless iodine, clear iodine & yodo blanco.

- It became very famous as a treatment for nails (yes it works, my wife talks miracles), alopecia areata (a hair loss treatment) and some rare skin disorders.

- If using for nails, do not wash dishes within an hour or two after. Chemicals in soap make your nails yellowish after iodine was applied.

- Only apply once a day or every 2 days on nails. Or they might get a bit yellowish and even more brittle! Applying more amounts will not do more work! Patience is a virtue.

- If applying daily, its recommended you mix with castor oil. We found both iodine and castor oil in the same online store at very low price. It took about 2 weeks to see obvious results but my wife noticed improvements days after starting the treatment.

- Keep iodine away from reach of children. It is a poison if swallowed!

Hope these tips help. Didn't want to spam with a bunch of links on where to find it so I only provided the most popular and inexpensive one i could find. Feel free to look elsewhere.

Sincerely, Johnny

(happy cause I saved on weekly manicures for my wife; hope she doesnt read this)

Original article and pictures take http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf83595144.tip.html site

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