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The Play Dough Way to Learn about Core Sampling

The Play Dough Way to Learn about Core Sampling
The Play Dough Way to Learn about Core Sampling

I gave him a rectangle of property. Each play dough color represents a type of soil or rock. Where should he build a house? Where should he dig a well? He must use

First, I gave our activity a back story. “You have purchased a rectangular property. You want to build a house to live in and a dig a well to provide water for the property. Where would be the best place to build and dig?”

I used four colors of .

Then, I handed him

My son loved searching for a good place for a house foundation and a well. In fact, he liked it so much, he made a sample property for me, and I had to decide where to dig a well, and so forth! I call that success in learning about core sampling, as well as fun activity for school.

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