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Steve Spangler Preschool Science – Soap Soufflé

Steve Spangler Preschool Science – Soap Soufflé
Steve Spangler Preschool Science – Soap Soufflé

steve spangler soap souffle

Materials Needed:

  • Bowl of Water
  • Ivory Soap
  • Microwave
  • Towel
  • Patience for a mess

steve spangler science

Science Activity Approach:

  • Fill bowl with water
  • Place soap into the bowl
  • Ask the child why the soap floats.
  • Remove soap from bowl of water & place on a plate
  • Place in Microwave
  • Start for a minute or so

steve spangler science soap

Further Learning

  • Why does it float?
  • Is there air inside if you break it open?
  • Other bars don’t float. So, why, then, does it float?
  • It has to be more dense than water. Ivory soap has air pumped into it during the manufacturing process, while most other soaps don’t…


We took it out and placed it on the floor. The texture was unlike anything I had felt before – flaky, puffy yet it had structure to it. Steve Spangler gives a wonderful back ground on why the soap expands into this mass of sensory fun. The air bubbles in the soap contain water, the water vaporizes, forming bubbles, and the heat causes trapped air to expand. (Source: Steve Spangler Science)

We couldn’t let this wonderful substance go to waste. We spent a lot of time exploring the texture.

Then, like typical 3 year old children, my son took it all a step further.

and further…

“Look, mom, it is snowing!”

Preschool Science
Preschool Science

…and he took it even further. I ended up placing the soap product into a medium sized storage container.

So much fun. So easy. I highly recommend this science activity. Your child will get a kick out of it. Learning/teaching can be adjusted to the age of your child too.

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