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STEM Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade

STEM Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade
STEM Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade

25 STEM activities for kindergarten and first grade

25 STEM Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade

1. Introduce your child to the wonderful options of K’nex Education with simple gears and fun mechanics.

2. Use this Mine For Fossils Kit to dig up 10 of your very own prehistoric fossils!

3. With this Magic School Bus Engineering Lab can learn math, science, and technology components.

4. This Magic Science Kit is super fun and it teaches real science behind the magic. Perfect for any magicians you have in your house!

5. Deck out your own 4M Solar System Planetarium that allows kids to explore the vastness of the solar system.

6. Use this Learning Resources Primary Bucket Balance to determine the factors of weight and differences in mass.

7. Your kiddos will really enjoy using their imaginations to build an create with these Magna Tiles Shapes that come in 48 cool pieces!

8. How cool is it to build your own car with this Laser Pegs 4-in-1 Car Building Set?

9. Teach all about math and geometry using the super awesome options this K’nex Education Elementary Math and Geometry has.

10. Match things up and learn some math too with this Learning Journey Match It! Math Memory Game.

11. Any kid will love the hands on fun of building with this Amusement Park Engineering Set.

12. Dig up and assemble your own T-Rex Skeleton like a real paleontologist with this Ultimate Dinosaur Science Kit that incorporates both science and history.

13. Your kiddo can learn geometry and physics with this K’nex Education Intro to Structures and make their own replica.

14. Your child will be amazed at what music, light, and sound can do together with this Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit.

15. Turn your trash into a cool environmentally safe project with this 4M Trash Robot Kit.

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16. This Ultimate Lab Kit equips your child will all kinds of super cool items for the best science projects.

17. This Rock Sugar Jewelry Set is perfect for those who want to make things they can eat like a culinary chemist!

18. Give your kids the opportunity to explore ants up close through the way they make their habitats and tunnel through sand with this Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm.

19. Explore all of the mental processes of math with this ThinkFun Math Dice Jr. Game that is fun for the whole family!

20. Snap together magnetic circuits and learn engineering with this LightUp Tesla Kit that is super cool.

21. There are so many pieces in this MindWare Q-Ba-Maze that lets kids build to their imagination and is every engineers dream!

22. Build your own balloon propelled rocket with this awesome Rocket Science Kit.

23. This IQ Twist is a great multi-level logic game that also doubles as a challenge for the car too!

24. Discover many wonders of the world with this Excavation Dig Kit that explores minerals and rocks through excavation.

25. Explore your child’s potential through this Inventions and Electricity Kit that is super fun.

Do you have a fun STEm activity for kindergarten or first grade? Share your ideas!

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