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Science Challenge Bags - Science Sparks

Science Challenge Bags - Science Sparks
Science Challenge Bags - Science Sparks


2. Build a tower For this challenge, children can use the little cups ( £1 for a bag in Tiger ) and paper to build a tower. Extra challenge Add weight to the top.

Build a tower wider at the top than the bottom.

Science Challenge - build a tower with cups

Build a tower challenge

3. Build a tower with straws and plasticine

This tower is a bit trickier to build than the cup tower. Children need to mould the plasticine into small balls and stick the straws into it to make a shape.

Extra challenges

Make 3D shapes

Science Challenge - build a tower with straws and plasticine

4. Create a Skeleton

Create a skeleton using black card and ear buds.

Extra Challenge

Draw with chalk instead.

Science Challenge - build a skeleton

5. Static Electricity Balloon

The idea is that once the balloon is blown up, it can be rubbed on hair or a jumper and become charged with static electricity. If held near the tissue paper the paper will jump up and stick onto the balloon.

Extra Challenges

Try different types of paper and shapes, do they still stick to the balloon?

Science challenge - static electricity balloon

6. Density Bottle

The bottle contains coloured water and vegetable oil. The oil and water will always separate if the bottle is shaken as oil and water don’t mix.

Extra Challenge

Find small objects to float on each layer.

Scienec challenge - density bottle

7. Pipe Cleaner Challenge

The idea here is that children construct a pipe cleaner figure that will stand up without support.

shadow people

science challenge - pipecleaner

8. Make a Paper Spinner

The full instructions for making spinners are here. These are super simple and perfect for starting to think scientifically. Children can try making bigger and smaller spinners and add different amounts of weight to the bottom to see how that effects the speed of descent.

Science Challenge - spinner

Can you think of any more challenges for us?

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Science challenge bags


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