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Periodic Table Battleship - Teach Beside Me

Periodic Table Battleship - Teach Beside Me
Periodic Table Battleship - Teach Beside Me

Periodic Table Welcome

I have posted a lot about Chemistry lately. My oldest has been studying it and really enjoying it. I love his science-y mind! Today I have a really fun & simple chemistry game to share. We played a game called Periodic Table Battleship! This game is so much fun! I think that you will love it, too.

Periodic Table Battleship

The game can be played even by kids who know nothing about the Periodic Table Yet. My 8-year-old daughter has not studied any chemistry yet, but really enjoyed this one. Kids will be learning chemistry in such a fun way without even realizing it! You’ll love hearing them call out the names of different elements and getting familiar with the structure of the periodic table. You can make your own version of the game and I will show you how!

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Here is What You Will Need:

To make the Periodic Table Battleship game, print out 4 copies of the Periodic Table.

Periodic Table Battleship Game


To Assemble:

Along the left side of the table, I labeled the rows alphabetically. (**This is optional but helps younger kids who are uncomfortable pronouncing the names of the elements yet.) They already have row numbers along the top. Laminating makes it re-usable!

I used two file folders and hooked them together at the top with a giant paper clip. Attach two of the periodic tables in with that paper clip as well. Then lay the other two periodic tables down on the table in the folder. If you want it to be more permanent you can glue them on or attach with double sided tape.

The kids can then mark with dry erase markers where they want to place their ships by circling rows of 2, 3, 4, and 5 elements on the lower table. They play by calling out coordinates or element names. If they miss they put an X on the spot they chose on the upper table. If they get a hit, they circle it. They can continue playing until one person sinks all of another person’s ships.

Are you more of a visual person? Want to see the game in action? Watch a video of how we play on the next page. You will love the soundtrack I selected!

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See the game in action! Watch my kids playing the Periodic Table Battleship Game.

Don’t want to make it? I’ve got you covered. You can buy a physical copy of the game in my Etsy Store for $15.

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