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New STEM Apps for Kids

New STEM Apps for Kids
New STEM Apps for Kids

new STEM apps for kids

STEM Apps (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Move the Turtle

The goal of this programming app is to learn how to program commands to move your turtle so where ever he starts, he’ll get the diamond. The task lessons start you off from the very basic moving in a straight direction to more complex movement patterns. Reminds me of learning to program BASIC for Atari in the 7th grade.

Crazy Machines $1.99

Crazy Machines offers kids the opportunity to build and experiment. Each game level has a task blueprint with a goal. Your job is to open the inventory of parts, drag and rotate them to accomplish the goal. (However, this game requires playing in the game center and downloading new games. I don’t let my kids interact with others in the game center personally so they don’t play this app.)

Montessori 1st Operations $1.99

I love how Montessori 1st Operations gives kids visual support for math problems. For each problem, not only is the number shown, but a visual, too. So, you’ll see the number 5 as well as a 5-cubed rod or 5 dots. Talk about making the abstract concrete! For extra practice and reinforcement, kids can play Monster or Bubble games. Very well done, great for young learners!

Timed Test Arcade $1.99

JJ plays this penguin-themed math app in school and loves it. Set up a timed test in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division pick the range of numbers, the number of problems on the test, and the time. Also, you can choose to receive instant feedback after each problem. After taking the test, kids can play a game in the arcade – Fish Drop help or Party Penguin – big fun!

Squeebles Multiplication $.99

We love this fun multiplication app. My review is here.

Addimals $3.99

Be the hero and save Captain Memo using math skills! I highly recommend this app because it helps kids learn and practice four addition strategies – 1) count all (you must touch each block and count), or 2) count on (start from one number and count up, 3) doubles, and 4) tens. It’s uses visual and kinesthetic modalities to teach the addition strategy and skill practice. Fantastic!

Original article and pictures take http://imaginationsoup.net/2013/10/new-stem-apps-for-kids/#_a5y_p=1005349 site

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