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Laugh and Learn Linkup for Parents or Homeschool

Laugh and Learn Linkup for Parents or Homeschool
Laugh and Learn Linkup for Parents or Homeschool

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Tina’s pick for this week…

You want HOW MANY Kids?

Note from Tina:

This is my fav. We have been pregnant five times and we have four children. I can totally relate! Back off people

[bctt tweet=”22 children or 1 cat, it’s no one’s business but you! @cowcountrywife #LaughLearnLinkup”]

Selena’s pick for this week…

Fall Tree Luminaries Mason Jar Craft for Kids

Note from Selena:

These are so pretty and simple for kids to make this fall!

[bctt tweet=”Make some #Fall mason jars with your kids by @GrowImagination #LaughLearnLinkup”]

Sarah’s pick for this week…

50+ Upper Elementary Writing Prompts and Tips

Note from Sarah:

I have reluctant writers. I’m sure it’s a combination of the inattention of ADHD, and pure laziness, but I think these prompts are just the thing to make writing easy, and fun.

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Haley’s pick for this week…

Easy Fall Leaf Science Experiment Exploring Colors and Chlorophyll

Note from Haley:

This would be so fun to do! Right now the leaves are changing and the kids would love this.

[bctt tweet=”Have #Fun #Fall Experiment with the Kids by @Alittlepinchbyk #LaughLearnLinkup”]

Lindsey’s pick for this week…

11 Amazing Tips to Grow Pinterest!

Note from Lindsey:

My Pinterest growth has been so small. I was wondering about this very topic.

[bctt tweet=”11 Amazing #Tips to Grow #Pinterest by @TinasHomeschool #LaughLearnLinkup”]

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Another Congrats to Kelly!

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