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Kid-Made Terrariums - Whimsicle

Kid-Made Terrariums - Whimsicle
Kid-Made Terrariums - Whimsicle

STUNNING gift and so easy to create!! Simply take a trip to your local gardening store for those supplies, pick your succulent and then add a few embellishments. Teachers and Grandparents would love this gift from kids! This post tells you how to layer the soils for a long, lasting plant.

Secretly, I always wanted a job as a floral designer. I would just get to play with flowers all day and then get to drive around town to deliver them. My job would be making people happy – and that sounds like a pretty good day at work to me. Problem is, I am horrible with plants. Any plants that are in my care eventually die. I always forget to water them. They then wilt away, browning and forgotten on a windowsill.

Not succulents though!

Succulents only require watering once every two weeks or so. They are sturdy, which makes them perfect for kid hands. These plants make a perfect gift because of they’re low maintenance and are personally designed.

You will need:


  • Cactus Potting soil
  • Gravel
  • Succulent of your choice (I purchased mine from the Home Depot for about $2 a piece)
  • glass container with wide mouth (Mine is from Dollar Tree for $1)
  • Sand (My daughter just took a little from her sand box)

First, Fill the glass with layer of gravel. This will be where the water will drain.


Next, add a layer of the potting mix. Take your succulent out of it’s plastic pot and brush off some soil to expose the roots. Place your succulent into the potting mix and cover the roots.


Place a thin layer of sand on top of the soil.


Add additional rocks to decorate the landscape inside the terrarium. We made a duck tape flower to place in ours for extra color.


These make excellent teacher gifts and would look spectacular on a desk or in a windowsill. Ours are currently the centerpieces for our kitchen table.

We have more gifts that kids can make! Click below to see our full list,

Original article and pictures take http://www.awhimsiclelife.com/2014/11/kid-made-terrariums.html site

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