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Indian Corn Sensory Bin

Indian Corn Sensory Bin
Indian Corn Sensory Bin

This month's material was corn. I dug out our tub of dried corn that I have stored away in an air tight container in the garage. We frequently use it as a filler for corn sensory bins! (Check it out! D was a month old at the time! He's a bit more involved now!)

For most of the Sensory Bin Challenge we've been playing outside to worry less about mess. Since it was a bit cold this morning I put a sheet under a child size table and set the bin on that. Those few small changes (location and the level of the bin) were enough to engage my kids in this sensory bin all morning long! They kept going back to play with it during breaks from our homeschool preschool curriculum.

Since we were inside, when I told them they could add anything they wanted they had better access to materials. E ran to the kitchen to get interesting gadgets out of our drawers. D grabbed a toy airplane and his Thomas trains! We picked the kernels of Indian Corn off the cobs and discussed the textures of the dried husks, the corn on the cob, the corn off the cob, the cob once the corn was removed, and even some dried corn silk!

When it was time to clean up I shook any spilled corn from the sheet on the floor back into the container. We put the lid on this bin and slid it under our coffee table for tomorrow! I know this sensory bin will be a hit all Autumn long!

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