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How to Contour For Your Face Shape

How to Contour For Your Face Shape
How to Contour For Your Face Shape

How to Contour For Your Face Shape

It’s safe to say that contouring has literally taken over the entire universe, right? Despite all the extreme tutorials and techniques out there (clown contouring, anyone?), at the end of the day, it’s best to contour your face according to its specific needs (and shape) and keep it looking natural. Here are some simple tricks on how to contour for your specific face shape so you can look light and lifted every single day.

Diamond Face Shape

Contour lightly in the area under your cheekbones, starting at your ears and blending inward to the middle of your cheek. This will give you a natural sculpt without looking too aggressive.

Heart Face Shape

Contour in the shape of a “3” along the top of the forehead, below the cheekbones and on the tip of the chin. A large powder brush and natural bronzer are ideal for this technique.

Oval Face Shape

Apply your contouring powder along the sides of your forehead, and below the cheekbones. Blending around your natural hairline is key when contouring the sides of your forehead.

Round Face Shape

Contour along the temples, sides of the forehead, below your cheekbones and along the jawline. Make sure blend your makeup well so that there are no visible lines and the shadowing looks soft and natural.

Square Face Shape

Contour along the forehead, jawbone and below the cheekbones to really enhance your chiseled features.

Now that your face is contoured to perfection, time to master other makeup techniques!

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