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Gumdrop Bridge Building STEM Engineering Activity

Gumdrop Bridge Building STEM Engineering Activity
Gumdrop Bridge Building STEM Engineering Activity

Gumdrop Bridge Building STEM candy structures activity

Simple STEM Play and Learning for Kids

Bridge building for kids is a perfect STEM {science, technology, engineering, and math} activity for kids! We have been trying out more and more simple STEM activities this season. They incorporate so many learning possibilities for math and science as well as creativity and fine motor skills. We have many fun STEM activities to check out that are great for young kids!

We have two more fun STEM activities with gumdrops. Try dissolving gumdrops and exploring heat change with gumdrops.

Gumdrop Bridge Building Set Up

Very simple set up! All you need it two materials! We chose gumdrops but the possibilities are endless {marshmallows, apple pieces, cheese, styrofoam, play dough, etc!} We added the iPad as our technology component as we watched a Magic School Bus episode about construction and bridge building. My son often needs to see a concept in order to understand the idea.

Supplies Needed:

  • gumdrops
  • toothpicks
  • lego men {optional for crossing bridge
  • containers {optional for providing challenges to rescue lego men}
  • video of bridge building {optional}

Gumdrop bridge building STEM engineering activity iPad set up

Gumdrop Bridge Building Engineering Activity

We checked out our special bridge building Magic School Bus episode first. Then I paused it on the construction of the suspension bridge. we talked about the shapes we saw, how many gumdrops and toothpicks we would need, and how the bridge worked. Note: Before we began the bridge building activity, he chose to explore the gumdrops and toothpicks on his own and made some shapes {see square above left}. I am so pleased he chose this idea on his own. make sure you are flexible too with how the activity goes. Usually Liam does not care for a free form activity so I chose to model the show.

Gumdrop bridge building suspension bridge engineering iPad model lego men

I suggested we help the lego men get across the bridge and we added popsicle sticks to all our bridge building activities. He also wanted a rescue mission for the lego man, so we worked on building bridges and ladders to rescue them. Although our activity had quite a bit of structure, the bridge building activities took on their own shapes! We were able to add in a bit of creativity too!

gumdrop bridge building ladder making lego man activity

Once we had completed to rescue missions, I suggested we build whatever with the remaining gumdrops and toothpicks! He chose another bridge building activity but want to make a tall bridge. I think 4 levels is pretty good. I helped too and added stabilizers show ing him how they worked. He said he knew all about creating a stable base.

gumdrop bridge building engineering activity toothpicks gumdrop building

We even enjoyed a small taste test. Apparently the large ones aren’t very tasty! This is a great holiday candy activity too! He was quite pleased with his gumdrop bridge building projects.See what you can build today!

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