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Engineering inquiry and cooperative group work

Engineering inquiry and cooperative group work
Engineering inquiry and cooperative group work

After 5 minutes of talking and planning without supplies, I set the timer for 15 minutes and watched the teams get to work.

I was SHOCKED at the wide range of strategies--and how much "re-engineering" took place so willingly! We will talk more about that tomorrow...about how important it is to try, test, revise, and test again--whether it is in science, making predictions in reading, and more.

This group was SO excited about their plan and couldn't wait to see if Harry would be safe in his perch! (He was...so no worries)

I loved hearing the cheers echo across the room when the 15 minutes was over and I passed out the "Harries" to each team. Every single team was able to test, modify, and support a Harry!

When the testing and celebrating was over, we took some time in teams to evaluate how we did in all the areas we had talked about before we started. I was pretty pleased to see how honest they were!

It was a great discussion starter, collaboration teacher, science skill building half hour of FUN! See what you think...grab the freebie if you are interested and tweak the contents of the supply bag to be whatever you have on hand! Want to try it yourself? Just click the image below to take you to the freebie handout pictured above.

Want to see a few more engineering challenges? Try these!

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