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Christmas STEM Countdown Calendar Science Advent Idea

Christmas STEM Countdown Calendar Science Advent Idea
Christmas STEM Countdown Calendar Science Advent Idea

Christmas STEM Countdown Activities for Kids


This holiday season, join us! I have put together a list of 25 STEM themed Christmas ideas including science, technology, engineering, and math for one great Christmas STEM countdown calendar. How you present each activity is up to you. I have a little tree to use. On the tree are mini clothespins holding a little numbered card with the activity written on the back. Another fun idea would be to make a paper chain.


Christmas STEM Countdown Calendar Advent Science Experiments

I am going to start before December 1st so that you are prepared and ready to go on the 1st! If you are late to start, jump in anywhere! If you can’t do all 25, pick a few and add other special ideas to the Christmas STEM countdown calendar to round out the days.


Making hot cocoa can be science too!

I have chosen to do these Christmas STEM countdown calendar ideas for a few reasons.

One, I know my son will enjoy them.

Two, they don’t require a ton of time. I have a busy boy.

Three, the supplies are simple and can be found easily.

Four, I think these are all quite frugal. Many of the items can be reused. Some items you may already have on hand. You could even set out a hint of the day’s experiment with one of the supplies.

Christmas STEM Countdown Advent Calendar


Below you will find the link to each activity. Click on the title to be taken to a new page to see the how to’s. If a title doesn’t open to a new page, we haven’t done the activity yet! I will add the new link after I complete each activity of the Christmas STEM countdown calendar, but I will write out the supply list under each one, so you know what you need to have on hand.

DAY 1:

Supplies: Christmas themed cookie cutters, baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, eye dropper, tray.

DAY 2:

Slime! Take a look at these awesome HOLIDAY SLIMES TO TRY!

Liquid starch {laundry detergent aisle}, Elmers Washable School Glue, food coloring, water, bowls, measures, and spoon. We also have Candy Cane Slime and Slime Ornament Gifts,

DAY 3:

Gum Drop Engineering Structures {There is also a Dissolving Experiment and Heat Change Activity!}

Gum drops, toothpicks

DAY 4:

Borax {laundry detergent aisle}, pipe cleaners, water, mason jars or tall glasses, pencils or popsicle sticks.

DAY 5:

Fill a box with themed items like tape, pipe cleaners, styrofoam, paper clips, bells, and other fun finds. The dollar store is a great place. This activity will be used multiple times, guaranteed! Keep glue and scissors available too.

DAY 6:

Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, pom poms {or other launching items}

DAY 7:

Balloons and tinsel.

DAY 8:

Christmas Tree Geoboard

Styrofoam tree {craft store}, loom bands, small finishing nails

DAY 9:

Whole milk, dish soap, food coloring, and cotton swabs.

DAY 10:

Candy Cane Disappearing Stripes and Dissolving Experiment

Small candy canes, clear cups that will fit candy canes, variety of liquids such as water, cooking oil, vinegar, seltzer, milk. Large candy cane and shallow bowl for disappearing stripes.

DAY 11:

Mini Glitter Christmas Eruptions

Small clear plastic shot glasses, baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, glitter, eye dropper, tray.

DAY 12:

Jingle bells, small container, various materials to help muffle the sound. Can you quiet a jingle bell?

DAY 13:

Pipe cleaners, small nuts and washers, jingle bells, and magnetic wand

DAY 14:

Christmas Coding Activity with Binary Alphabet

Pipe cleaners and pony beads {2 colors with good amount of each and 1 color with a small amount}

DAY 15:

DIY Christmas Tree Lights Light Box

Small strand colored Christmas lights, clear container with lid, translucent objects like cups, stirrers..

DAY 16:

Peppermint/candy Cane Oobleck

Cornstarch, water, pop rocks, peppermints, or gumdrops!

DAY 17:

Christmas LEGO Marble Maze

Build a LEGO marble maze with a Christmas theme on a base plate!

DAY 18:

Christmas Tangrams

Colored paper or foam paper, tangram printout.

DAY 19:

Christmas Paper Tube Jingle Bell Run

Paper tubes, large tape, and marbles

DAY 20:

Christmas Tree Cup Tower Engineering Project

Large green plastic cups.

DAY 21:

Holiday colored m&m’s, water and shallow bowl or plastic shot glasses

DAY 22:

Santa’s Zip Line

Small plastic Santa, small laundry line pulley {harder store $2}, rope, tinker kit of materials to build a holder for Santa. Check out this very fun indoor zip line we had a blast setting up.

DAY 23:

Gingerbread Structures

Use gingerbread cookies, graham crackers, or gingerbread man cookies, and frosting to build structures. Tasty engineering and holiday snack.

DAY 24:

Map, compass, computer or smart device. Check it out for all the details.


Cookie Science! Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Variations

We bake cookies on Christmas Eve, so we will save this one for the 24th! I love Alton Brown’s The Food Lab: The Science of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie


for a family holiday activity to do together!

I hope you enjoy your holiday season filled with discoveries, explorations, and new findings with our Christmas STEM countdown calendar. Sharing these activities at home is a wonderful family experience. I hope this countdown calendar will have you and your kids excited to try more experiments all year long.

Christmas STEM Countdown Calendar

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