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Christmas Coding Activity STEAM Ornament for Kids

Christmas Coding Activity STEAM Ornament for Kids
Christmas Coding Activity STEAM Ornament for Kids

Christmas Coding Activity Ornament Binary Alphabet Bead Ornament

My son came home from school talking about a project he had seen in his computer class {for the older kids}. He told me it was the computer’s alphabet and they used beads to make words. Insert scratch head here when he asked what it was all about and if we could do it. So a little digging around, and I found out about the ASCII Binary Alphabet. I also found another computer coding beading activity here. Of course I needed to understand it better myself before I could talk about it. I read all about it here and have a better idea of how the Binary Alphabet code works too. I explained to him that the computer doesn’t read the letter A like we read the letter A. It reads it in a series of 1’s and 0’s. Each letter has it’s own code of 1’s and 0’s. This code is call the ASCII Binary Alphabet. This is as far as our lesson went, but take a look at how the codes are made. It’s pretty cool.

Christmas Coding Activity Holiday STEAM for Kids

He loves computer games especially Minecraft. I told him real people make these games and need to learn all about computer coding as well. He was totally interested and wanted to make the bead patterns he had seen in his computer classroom. The next day I whipped up a list of the codes which you can also download and print for your own use. I got some beads and pipe cleaners and set up a Christmas coding activity for us! Tis the season.

Supplies Needed:

Pony Beads {a good amount of two different colors and a small amount of an additional color for spacers}

Pipe Cleaners

Binary Alphabet Sheet{or enlarge on your smart device!}

Click on photo to download and print this sheet.

ASCII Binary Alphabet Coding for Kids Activity-4

Christmas Coding Activity

Once you have your materials and are familiar with what you are doing, get started with Christmas coding! We picked holiday themed words like SANTA, ELF, SNOW, and GIFT. Four letter words just about fill up one pipe cleaner perfectly. REMEMBER: Designate what color is 1 and what color is 0!

Christmas coding activity supplies to make an ornament

Pick your word, find the letter, write the code by threading the correct sequence of beads. We have the red bead designated as 1 for the code and the white bead designated as 0 for the code. He got this super fast too and was able to go right through the word ELF quickly while remembering what he was doing with the beads.

Christmas coding activity making words with Binary Alphabet

Did I mention great fine motor skills practice too. This Christmas coding activity is an excellent activity for little fingers. Use the light green beads to separate the letters.

Christmas coding activity threading beads

Here’s the finished ELF word in binary code. Twist the two ends together and you have a cute STEAM inspired Christmas ornament that most people probably won’t get right away and will wonder if you had trouble making a candy cane pattern! Just smile and ask if they know about the Alphabet Binary Code.

Christmas Coding Activity Ornament Holiday STEAM

Computer coding activity for kids without the computer. Kids can get started with fun STEAM activities early. Technology is huge even with young kids today. It’s important to introduce these hands-on concepts. They get kids thinking and creating, problem solving and testing. Make computer coding fun with a simple ornament activity

Try Christmas Coding for Kids This Holiday Season!

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