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8 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

8 Science YouTube Channels for Kids
8 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

8 Science youtube channels for kids. Learn at home or school.

Obviously I am a great advocate of books, and we simply adore the monthly do it yourself science box full of goodies from Tinker Crate (affiliate link) but there are a lot of terrific science videos out there to supplement your child’s STEM education. Plus, sometimes — when your kids are with you 24/7 during the hottest months of the year, you need a little breather!

Science YouTube Videos

Sick Science. Science giant Steve Spangler has a few YouTube channels and they are all worth checking out. Sick Science! specializes in simple but awesome at home science experiments.

MinutePhysics covers a ton of topics and my kids especially like the ones related to space. However, they also enjoyed this video answering the very important question, “is it better to walk or run in the rain?”

MinuteEarth is also a hit, the topics are slightly more, ahem, grounded than MinutePhysics.

Brusspup has crazy science illusions. The videos vary in quality, with the more recent ones being the best. My kids were fascinated by this circle illusion!

Bill Nye the Science Guy. You may be watching YouTube, but you can still go retro with old Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes and clips. Bill Nye appears in many recent videos, too, but it’s fun to watch these again with my kids. A list of clips is here,

Veritasium. For kids who like to switch topics, Veritasium is a fun channel to explore. The videos are varied, there are interviews, test your knowledge challenges and science explanations. Got a dare devil? Encourage him to watch this video about rocket science.

Periodic Videos. There was a time when my oldest son was obessed with the periodic table. This channel has a video for each element, plus loads of extras. We particularly like their slo mo videos. Also: check out the hair.

I cannot end without sharing my son’s absolute favorite YouTube channel: Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He is a bird nut and could watch these videos for hours if I would let him.

Of course there are many other science channels on YouTube, but in the interest of keeping this post manageable, I’ll stop here. Do you have any others to recommend?

This wraps up our DIY Summer Science Camp collaboration with Coffee Cups and Crayons. I hope Megan and I have inspired you to give science learning at home a try. Science learning doesn’t have to be complicated. After all, if this theater major mom can manage science with her kids, anyone can!

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