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7 Fun Gravity Experiments for Preschoolers

7 Fun Gravity Experiments for Preschoolers
7 Fun Gravity Experiments for Preschoolers

Preschool Gravity Experiments

When talking about gravity with preschoolers, we keep it simple. During our morning meeting or circle time, we demonstrate what happens if we drop an item. We notice that it went down instead of up. We can then try a gravity experiment during small groups, noticing that if we alter the movement or materials, things change.

This is basic and yet fascinating for this age group!

7 Fun Preschool Gravity Experiments

Defy Gravity – This super cool activity is easy to make with paperclips and magnets. (Buggy and Buddy)

Galaxy in a Bottle – The glitter doesn’t fall down, but instead rises as it settles. Crazy! (One Little Project)

Gravity Splatter Art – What happens when you drop something with paint on it?

Exploring Gravity with a Tube – Why does the position of the tube change the speed of the car? (HOAWG)

Exploring Gravity with Balance – Learn how to make a craft stick stand up right on a chopstick. (Rookie Parenting)

Gravity with a Pendulum – Learn about the forces of motion and gravity by placing paint in swinging pendulum. (Handmade Kids Art)

Pool Noodle Gravity Play – Explore gravity and slope by making your own pool noodle marble run. (Little Bins)

Preschool Science - Gravity Experiments

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