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50 FREE Forest Animal Crafts & Activities

50 FREE Forest Animal Crafts & Activities
50 FREE Forest Animal Crafts & Activities

forest crafts and activities for kids

50 Free Forest Crafts & Activities

I thought we'd begin the series with a fun introduction to forest animals since almost every child enjoys (and is enthralled by) woodland creatures.

These fun activities will introduce kids to all types of animals that call the forest home! As the kids are cutting, crafting & having fun with these free printables, talk to them about why they live in the forest, whether they would enjoy seeing the animals in real life and what questions they may have about each of our woodland friends.

We've marked the activities shown in the photo above with an (*)

Forest Animal Coloring & Fun Facts (10 pages!) || Preschool Powol Packets

Fawn and Fox Puppets || Playful Learning

"What do you call a group of ...? Names of Woodland Animals || Edventures with Kids

Woodland Animal Bookmarks * || The DIY Adventures

3D Printable Forest Animals * || KIRIN

Forest Animal Templates (deer, fox & owl) for creative art projects || Jones Design Company

Woodland Forest Learning Pack || 3 Dinosaurs

Animal Track Guide || Bear Tracker's Den

Forest Food Chain game || Brain Power Boy

Fun with Forest Activity Pack (amazing resource!) || Today's Frugal Mom

Wildlife Worksheets (more than 20 pages!) || Activity Village

Investi-gator Magazines for Kids || Discover the Forest

Forest-themed Learning Items

If you're looking for some forest-themed toys and learning items, here's a collection that's sure to please! Affiliate links are included for more information and your convenience.

The Safari Ltd Wild Safari North American Wildlife TOOB is a great addition to creating your own forest small world! You can see how we used it in our Woodland Habitat activity.

This Woodland Animals Kids Sewing Kit is perfect for fine motor skill development (plus super adorable)!

And puzzles are a great learning item -- try the Mudpuppy Forest Friends 100 Piece Puzzle.

Original article and pictures take http://www.kcedventures.com/blog/50-free-forest-animal-crafts-activities site

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