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11 STEM Picture Books - No Time For Flash Cards

11 STEM Picture Books - No Time For Flash Cards
11 STEM Picture Books - No Time For Flash Cards

stem books for little kids

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and it is a popular topic around our house. My kids are lucky enough to have a STEM lab in their elementary school and get time each week to create and learn more about STEM from a designated teacher. During the summer I have dedicated Wednesdays to our SUMMER STEM LAB where we explore different themes and test out different STEM toys and kits.

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This week we are focusing on STEM books – I wanted to share our experience with littleBits super cool robot kits but I am off to Washington DC to speak at the Scholastic Reading Summit and I can’t upload a video on the plane wifi… I think there is a lesson in here somewhere about leaving things to the last minute. Robots will have to wait one more week, but if you want a little preview check out littleBits here.

rosie revere engineer

Awesome Dawson by Chris Gall was an instant hit with both my children. Dawson is an amazing little boy who invents new things from other people’s trash. Dawson is just like other children who try to find ways to get out of their chores so he can get back to the important work of play. He’s one step ahead of most kids though and invents a robot to take care of this chores, but things don’t go as awesome as he hoped. That’s when he must re-invent himself into a superhero to save the day. I really love this book and how inspiring it is for kids exploring the idea of invention and tinkering.

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Do you have a favorite STEM picture book perfect for preschool or kindergarten? Tell me about it here in comments or on my No Time For Flash Cards Facebook Page.

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