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10 Signs You're Overdue For a Mommy Makeover - Project Motherhood

10 Signs You're Overdue For a Mommy Makeover - Project Motherhood
10 Signs You're Overdue For a Mommy Makeover - Project Motherhood

10 signs you need a mommy makeover

1. Yoga pants have become part of your daily style—and you haven’t been to yoga class in 3 months (or more)!

2. Your lipstick is now being stored in your child’s crayon box…and you don’t really care.

3. You are still wearing nursing bras…and your youngest child is 5.

4. Last week, you mistakenly used white-out instead of concealer…ooops.

5. You have been spotted wandering into your local bodega in the moring wearing your pajamas whenever you have run out of milk.

6. You cringe whenever you hear the words “SPANX” or “heels.”

7. Your daughter has been using the dresses hanging in your closet as part of her play dress-up clothes.

8. You can’t remember that last time you bought underwear that didn’t have Mickey Mouse or Disney Princesses on the front.

9. You get really excited about buying new clothes for your kiddos!

10. Lastly, you are unhappy and uninspired every time you open your closet.

Have you answered yes or could relate to most of these? No worries! Here are some easy tips to get you back on track:

• Stop in Sephora and purchase a new bottle of mascara, long lashes go further than you think!

• Add a 1-2 inch wedge heel to your spring wardrobe, they instantly provide a great pick-me-up (without the take-me-down of sky high heels).

• Fall in love with a new pair of denim, no matter the style (skinny, wide leg, etc) they will leave you feeling amazing!

• Pitch everything in your underwear drawer and buy a few lacy options to replace them. Feeling sexy underneath your clothes will give you a burst of confidence!

What are your favorite “mommy makeover” tips that help you feel great? Or when was a moment you experienced when you just knew that you needed a mommy makeover? Share below!

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A version of this article was originally published by Allison in Mommy Nearest Magazine.

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